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Perfect for everyday wear, vacations and special events. 

Eyelash extensions are the semi permanent solution to lackluster lashes. Individual silk lashes are attached to your natural lash to give you the length, volume and curl you want without the hassle of lash curlers and smudgey mascara. Whether you're into a natural looking enhancement, a bit of glam, or full volume drama - we've got a lash look for you. 
Our Bespoke Lashes are custom designed for you. Your treatment starts with a consultation to ensure you are getting what you want from your lashes. Bring in your favorite falsies or a picture of lashes you’ve seen somewhere and let us work our magic to recreate them to fit your style & features. You can also put your trust in our talented artists and let them surprise you with a beautiful custom set that you’ll fall in love with. 

Commonly Asked Eyelash Extension Questions 


Bespoke Eyelash Extensions: There is a 10 minute consultation prior to receiving the service where we will discuss lashes. Be ready to lay down and rejuvenate for a 2-3 hour relaxation period. We do not suggest caffeine prior to your service and if you are hungry we suggest eating prior to your service appointment time.

Can I get a fill if I didn’t get my full set at Effortless Beauté? 

Our lash products and lash styles are custom to the individual and therefore fills can only be done on lash sets that were done by our Aestheticians using our products. 

My eyes are sore or sensitive after a lash appointment. What do I do? 

Please contact us immediately if there is irritation or sensitivity. If you are having anything more than an irritation visit your Doctor immediately. 

Can I wear mascara? Eyeliner?  

It is not recommended to wear mascara or eyeliner, if you do wear mascara we may require a new set instead of a fill to ensure proper sanitation of the eyes. If you choose to wear eyeliner do not use a pencil you are at risk of pulling your lashes out.

Can I get my lashes wet? 

Do not get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours, after that period it is suggested to properly cleanse your lashes using our Face Envy product that can be found in our online store ($30). Please pat dry your lashes and brush them every time they get wet

How do I make my lashes last longer? 

Oils, dirt, makeup and skin care products can weekend the bond of glue. Keep your lashes cleansed, pat them dry after getting the wet and brush them you will be provided with.

Will extensions damage my natural lashes or make them fall out? 

On average your lashes naturally shed 2-3 per day, over the course of 3 weeks you will have lost approximately 52.5 lashes. Typically, you have 100 lashes per eye and therefore fills are completed for a discounted rate in this time frame. Lashes by Effortless Beauté are done with extreme care and precision, if you notice more than 2-3 lashes shedding per day please contact us. We also do mandatory new sets every 3 months where we will take before and after photos to ensure and show you proper lash health. If you have weak lashes and want to consistently maintain lashes, we recommend our Lash Envy Serum.